Saturday, 9 June 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 8 June 2012 - THE BLIMP - My 100 Words - Sussan De Allura


         “Count backwards from 100, Suzanne...”
         Whoa! I am flying.  I am floating.  I am so grateful to feel this way.  It’s heavenly.  I wish it would last forever....
         It didn't.
         “Your uterus weighed 27 lbs! It’s a record!”
         If I lose 60 more pounds, I wont look half bad.
         My husband Jeff comes in, clearly disappointed to see me still alive.
         “Honey,” he begins, “now that I’ve got you through your “sick” time, you need to know, I’m in love with someone else.  I can't say who, her folks don't know yet.”
         I’m still floating.  Should I care?  I’m neutered!


  1. Wow, what a strange story — and good; that's a compliment! Very personal and darkly funny at the same time. Weird!

    1. Thanks Carlos!
      I like your reaction and I do consider it a compliment. Best of all I like that you found it funny. I appreciate the affirmation.

      I think "very personal and darkly funny". They are so often married.

      Wierd, huh? works for me!

  2. wow...Thnx Lindaura..You always "get it"

  3. An interesting point of view on uterine cancer, if I have it correct. At least he waited until she was through the surgerical part, but, wow.

    1. Yeah, that guy was a real prince! ;-)
      I like your take on the 100 words especially your last word "wow". Thanks!

  4. Jeff, you have impeccable timing. And when she comes back down to Earth, you might just find yourself the proud owner of a slightly used uterus.

    Interesting entry. I only hope mine matches up to it!

  5. Thanks Jake!

    Yeah her future looks pretty grim! ...and Jeff well get his just deserts. we always do.

    I can't wait to read I go...

  6. Ha. I liked how it didn't take any counting at all before she was off floating. Jeff sounds like a real loser - but she sounds like she'll be much better off without him and the cancer or fibroid-filled uterus. There's freedom in that.

  7. Thanks Madison.

    Yep, nothing like ridding one's body of disease to be able to identify the other disease within and without. Freedom IS the goal.

  8. I don't know how I missed this one! Sounds like she lost two cancers in one day. Great story.