Thursday, 31 May 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 1 June 2012 - THE CULDERA - My 100 Words - Sussan De Allura

The Culdera

     I came to and almost gagged at the smell of whiskey, burnt flesh, blood, and the sickeningly sweet smell of my best friend Sarah decomposing.
     The old woman came over, cleared her throat and spat a wad of phlegm in my face.
     “Clean your slutty self up and don't try to run, whore! There is nothing we like better that a little hunting, right Son?!”
     Suddenly the earth started to shake. The sound was deafening. I watched as half of the nearby mountain gave way and came to life. To me the most beautiful thing...
     “Thank you, God!”

Friday, 25 May 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 25 May 2012 - MOTH INVASION - My 100 Words - Sussan De Allura


         My partner is an Entomologist. Ironically, I have an excruciating timidity around insects.  We've come to rural Mississippi for Jacs' field research.
         Jacs' piercings and tattoos and my “time traveler from Woodstock” getup, provoke gawking and jeering from the backwoods' residents. “Lesbos”, they sneer, but Jacs enthusiasm is unabated.
         Today's mission: a Hog-Fest on Micky D's French Fries!
         Jacs spotted them instantly. “Look, a Polyphemus Moth! The gorgeous green one is a Luna Moth. Fantastic!”
         Then more came. Before we knew it, clouds of huge Moths engulfed the jeep.
         “Jacs!” I screamed and screamed and screamed.