Saturday, 9 June 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 8 June 2012 - THE BLIMP - My 100 Words - Sussan De Allura


         “Count backwards from 100, Suzanne...”
         Whoa! I am flying.  I am floating.  I am so grateful to feel this way.  It’s heavenly.  I wish it would last forever....
         It didn't.
         “Your uterus weighed 27 lbs! It’s a record!”
         If I lose 60 more pounds, I wont look half bad.
         My husband Jeff comes in, clearly disappointed to see me still alive.
         “Honey,” he begins, “now that I’ve got you through your “sick” time, you need to know, I’m in love with someone else.  I can't say who, her folks don't know yet.”
         I’m still floating.  Should I care?  I’m neutered!