Friday, 30 March 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 30 of March - Scott Hays - His 100 Words

That's My Truck
Yep, that’s my blue truck.  Or, what’s left of it, anyway.  It stopped running and Spotcheck was going to come up and help me get it started, but he left town and that was that.  I then planned on using parts from it on the yellow truck I got next (I traded a roll of fiber optic cable, a sliding glass door, and a pallet of shingles for it), but the yellow truck stopped running, too.  It’s over there, in the other field.  By the Volkswagen and dune buggy.
I just heard that Danny has a stake truck for sale.

This is Scott's first attempt at Flash Fiction and I have put it up here for all of you to take a look at. Critique away, remaining as always, generous and kind.

Monday, 26 March 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 23 of March - Sussin de Allura - Her 100 Words


Marion gazed around the peaceful room, glowing in lovely mauve light. 
An icy terror chilled her bones, but the needle didn’t hurt when it pricked her arm.  
She surrendered to sleep, into that familiar dream of dead trees, black from past fires, brittle and menacing.
She did not fight as her life’s blood was sucked away, into the thicket, into the briar, feeding that Dead Place. 
There was the little swoosh that comes when a person exhales his last breath.  
30 seconds later, the aids put her lifeless body on the gurney. 
“One more down, wanna grab a beer, Frank?”

Note: This is Sussin's first attempt and she welcomes any critiques you may have time for, but be gentle....