Friday, 30 March 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 30 of March - Scott Hays - His 100 Words

That's My Truck
Yep, that’s my blue truck.  Or, what’s left of it, anyway.  It stopped running and Spotcheck was going to come up and help me get it started, but he left town and that was that.  I then planned on using parts from it on the yellow truck I got next (I traded a roll of fiber optic cable, a sliding glass door, and a pallet of shingles for it), but the yellow truck stopped running, too.  It’s over there, in the other field.  By the Volkswagen and dune buggy.
I just heard that Danny has a stake truck for sale.

This is Scott's first attempt at Flash Fiction and I have put it up here for all of you to take a look at. Critique away, remaining as always, generous and kind.


  1. A good start. The story has structure and a [comic] vision – which could be more pronounced. What it does lack is a sense of drama, even as a comedic piece; it has kind of a flat tone, like an actor speeding through his lines. But here is a person who can write, and can think, and has a voice that is uniquely his. All that is evident, so, as I said, a good start and the sincere hope that you continue to be a part of this little Friday Fictioneer community.

    1. Question ... being new to this venue, is the goal to try to create a full-on short story (character, setting, plot) in the 100 words, or just to convey a mood, describe a scene, and/or otherwise mess around with imagery? Or is everyone dancing to their own drummer? From your comments, especially the bit about needing some drama, I now suspect the answer to my question is the former. Some clarification would be helpful.

  2. No, it's just whatever you want. I think now my comment was a little bit too harsh. Lindayra tends to write mini-stories with plots. Quite often, mine are not really stories, but... I'm not sure, images with twist endings? Some people's are what I'd call vignettes, some write poems. Some are mini-stories that suggest a larger story, some actually are chunks of a larger srory. Lindaura recently wrote a story that was a continuation of her previous story. One guy, Craig Towsley, often writes little stories with the Owl and the Raccoon, which remind me a bit of Pogo. Some people don't use the photo prompt or supply their own, though I don't like that and usually don't read their stories. There's too many people in it now to read everyone's story. So write anything you want and ignore the comments, especially mine!
    Some of my favourite writers in this thing, after myself and Lindaura, are Doug (Ironwoodwind), The Lime, Craig, Susan Wentzel, Susan, Bridges are for Burning... in case you didn't keep the url for Madison's last story (always have to search through my mail for it because I forget to save it in a safe place), here it is:
    Go to a few sites and look through their stories. But don't stress over it; just do what you want.

  3. I just wrote a huge answer to you and didn't get the stupid word scramble thing right and it disappeared. Fuck. In sort, what I said was:
    1. Ignore my comments
    2. Ignore everyone else's
    3. Go to other contributor's sites and look at several stories
    4. Some of my favourite writers, aside from myself and Lindaura, are: Doug (IronWoodWind), The Lime, Susan, Craig Towsley, Bridgesareforburning, Quill Shiv, Susan Wentzel.
    5. Some people write real stories, some write vignettes, some write poems, some write fables,some don't use the photoprompt, some make their own, some experiment with different forms.
    6. Do Whatever You Want.

  4. And don't stress about it.