Wednesday, 28 September 2011

THE MIRROR - The Full Moon Rising

     I am in here. I am inside the glass now, inside the mirror, the one above the fireplace. There is nothing that could have prepared me for this. Nothing that anyone could have told me. No warning would have been enough. And no warning was enough. But, the terror that Sophia described is nothing compared to the reality.
     This is the very essence of unsettling. Disembodied, I am in here. I am nothing but myself, just my self, literally, the kernel of what I am. I don't know if I am my soul or I am my mind, all I can say is, that I am. Not that I can actually say anything, for I have no mouth. That was a joke.  I think therefore I am. Period.
     I am not alone. The other creatures are in here also. I think there may be thousands of them. They make quite an uproar in a language and range of sound I can not understand. Yet it is not unpleasant and somehow vaguely familiar. I know! They sound like wind chimes, that's what they remind me of, wind chimes.
     I seem to be the only human in here, could that be possible? I feel terribly alone and helpless. But at least I have sight.  I have no eyes, but somehow I am able to see everything in front of the mirror. Thank goodness I chose the living room and not the bathroom! Another joke.  I watch my family move in and out of the room. They haven't even noticed that I am not among them.  They think that the body the creature inhabits is actually mine. How can that be?
     Sophia was right. They are very clever. It must have been watching me for years, memorising my speech, learning our language and our habits, and biding its time.
     "The spirits in the glass will steal your body from you in the wink of an eye." She had told me, countless times.  "They will use your body as their own and will imprison your soul in the glass in their place. It only takes an instant, and poof! You are lost forever."
     She told me about the full moon, that the full moon releases the creature's powers. How I should never look at my reflection on a full moon night. She had even covered all the mirrors and all our windows on those nights as a precaution. I half believed her, which only made me more curious, too curious, too reckless, and now I am locked in here forever. That is, unless I stoop as low as they, and entice someone else to look at their reflection on a night when the full moon is rising. 

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