Thursday, 25 August 2011

Trying this one out: Teenage Detective, Victoria Gold

Yup, I am planning to use this blog as a sounding board - or rather, Story Board, for some fiction projects I am planning. Feel free to join in, but beware, I plan to steal any and all great ideas that come my way and use them to my advantage.

So, I have had this idea for a while: a teenage girl detective, but not your usual Nancy Drew type, although I love her dearly, this is more the "Ironsides" style of teen detectives! She is a semi-invalid, stuck at home with her tutor, but with lots of friends to be her "Scoobie Gang" and do all the physical investigating that she can't do.

Naturally, she is a genius as well as a computer whiz and a bit of a hacker.  Naturally also, her dad happens to be the District Attorney for the big city across the river. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this is all taking place in the USA - in a small town in the state of Connecticut.

This small town will be a hotbed of drug smuggling, pedophile rings, unexplained cosmic phenomena, you name it - its all there. As much as I would like to start this today, I will begin tomorrow. As she said in Gone With The Wind, "Tomorrow is another day!"


  1. Connecticut – where's that? Is it an Indian village? Does it have burial mounds and sacred places with motels built on them? Don't rock stars live in Connecticut? On burial mounds? Are owls really evil? Are there owls in Connecticut? Are there Indian casinos in Connecticut? On burial mounds?

  2. Ah ha! Obviously not a Yankee or a Yankee fan. Yes, Connecticut - Native America Tribes running casinos and water slides and NO, David, Owls are not evil! People are. Rock stars like Keith Richards are wise as owls and living in Connecticut under burial mounds with motels built on them. He's not evil though. Motels can be quite lucrative, especially when built near Casinos, but you have to be wary of the ghost trains that run through. what with the chains clanking and the howling, it can be quite distressing for the players...